Fincher's Tattoo

David Fincher's new film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo expresses a profound sense of female competence. Not only does Lisbeth Salander transform victimization she embodies the greatest virtues of the dark pathos of feminine power. If you haven't seen it you should go now. @brightabyss


Jason Hills said...

Isn't it "Lizbeth?" It might be "Lisbeth," as it has been awhile since I saw the original. If you've seen both, can you comment on how they compare?

Anonymous said...

I like more the Original - :-)

Jason Hills said...

I think it would be hard to top the original actress.

michael- said...

I think Mara's Salander is much better than Raplace's if only because Mara is of smaller frame and younger, which gave the impression of true vulnerability. Raplace looks like a 40 year old lawyer by comparison. I also like the aloofness Mara emits as opposed to Raplace's angry emo vibe.

Fincher's movie also is stylistically more impactful. The stark finish provides more noir aspect which is lost in the limited production value of the original. Fincher provides a much more sinister ambiance.

I definitely prefer Fincher's remake.

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