New Skins

It has been one of those years. Doubt driven habits led to explosive sessions of turmoil and subsequent personal defeat. Trans-formations indeed. With the existential horizon now clearing I aim to make good on the fantasies my ego tells itself, and get back to sleepless nights of slam philosophy and aggravated commentaries. Blogging is fun. You, good and enduring reader, may be happy to learn that in exile I have learned a few tricks and, perhaps, cultivated a fair share more of intellectual humility. Don’t get me wrong: the bite and bark are present still - only now such skills and deviant posing rub perforated skins with a smoother sense-ability towards affective communitas. Henceforth all semantic tinkerings will be fully washed of theological glory and utterly weaponized. Mutation is everything; and with maximum regard.


Anonymous said...

yeah gotta keep chipping away at the hand-axe, glad to hear that the scar tissue hasn't dulled the nerve-endings, ever onward comrade (sure beats the alternative)!

michael- said...

No doubt my friend..

Gathering momentum.

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