Top 5 online Gaming Stores

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The world has moved towards innovations and e-commerce very fast. Services such as, to compare products prices and checking the online ratings of products were never thought to be available. Every business owner is trying to dip into the online market to try his luck. The gaming industry is one of those booming industries that has faced rapid growth in its audience. It has also adapted the technology to renovate its many features and entered the online arena.

There were times when people used to buy different products and games from CDs’ shops but as the customers moved to online stores, gaming businessmen also started online shops to target the gamers’ communities. This has caused a significant impact on people’s lives; not only the investors are benefited but also gaming has now become a good sport. Gamers communicate through various platforms available and arrange different competitions online and offline as well. There are many gaming stores that operate online and deal with their customers fully from the internet. Paying subscription charges at some sites and playing games is just like online shopping experiences, where the customer has to buy a product and use it afterward.

Top Online Gaming Stores

Here are a few best online gaming stores with a general description.

1.  Steam

Steam is an online gaming shop with a wide range of games available from different developers across the globe. Its collection contains about 35,000 games available to almost 95 million active users. If there is an online video game for PC, you will find it on their site. After joining their community, you will have to collect steam points to increase your rank and avail yourself of more services.

2.  GOG

It is abbreviated from Good ‘Ol Games. They are the providers of DRM-free games that allow you to own a match entirely once you have purchased it. They directly sell the games and offer subscription services too. Their website displays discounts on newly launched games from 1-2 months. These discounts range from 20% to up to 90%.

3.  Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is an online platform that runs games acceptable for Windows and Mac operating systems. It includes games developed by Epic Games like Fortnite, Battle Breakers, Shadow Complex, etc. Their collection also includes thousands of games by other developers. Their website displays different names according to games like horror, action, casual, and many more. They have various payment options for many countries to pay the different prices of games.

4.  Humble Bundle

As the name indicates, it is an online store that deals in games bundles by bargaining with the purchasers. They also sell individual games by offering a vast collection of DRM-free games, Windows, and macOS games. They offer a flat 20% discount on games available on their Humble Store.

5.  Xbox Live

It is a specific online place for buying games for your Xbox gaming console and Xbox games for PC. Their services include three levels, a free tier for purchasing the single game, a subscription-based tier called Xbox live Gold, and a multiplayer gaming tier, where you can be a member of their community, taking discounts and access to an extensive collection of games.


Most gamers know the above online stores, but if you did not know about these or are a newbie in the gaming world, check them out. One of these stores will match your gaming needs.